Chef’s Course EP.2(Marches)

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*Rally reports


*Fighting potential/Free boosts


*Basics of fighting #1


*Wingman, buildings and guild research

*Dim tree


This course is designed to teach people about modern strategy in the game using tips and tricks and information I’ve gathered throughout the years.

Hopefully it will be a valuable resource for any players who would like to expand their knowledge of the game and see better results..

It serves as both a stand alone guide and as lesson notes to compliment the course currently ongoing in the invasion 101 line room.

I encourage you to join the class if you find this content useful and welcome any comments or questions it inspires.

The classroom can be found here(Line Chat):


🥰You can have fantastic boosts and an amazing base but without a proper march you might as well send t1

There are three types of marches I will cover:

1.US/European style solo marches

2.Asian style solo marches

3.Rally marches

The first march we will be covering is US/European style solo marches. These tend to be pretty simple to follow, not too complex, and have great results when paired with good boosts

2500 t1 suv

2500 t1 tank

2500 t1 heli

500 t1 cannon

40000 t3 heli

17500 t4 heli

79000 t5 suv

79000 t5 tank

136000 t5 heli

15500 t5 cannon

As you can see my tank and suv are even and make up about 60% of my t5 I use in this march

🦸‍♂The t5 cannon is optional. I have all research complete so my cannons do a considerable amount of extra damage. I like to include at least a good 10K into my march for extra damage and lower losses.

I do not use much heli t1 in my solo marches

They take a lot of your damage potential away and they die way too quickly in a march

🚧2.5k of each t1 allows for a decent buffer; however, a slightly larger buffer can be useful in situations such as camp fighting with players using the new “Specialties”. The helicopter Specialties in particular can deal damage to all unit types regardless of formation; therefore, a small amount of t1 can be useful in saving you from losing t5 against players using Helicopter specialties

Next is asian style solo marches

30000 heli t1

2000 tank t1

2000 suv t1

500 cannon t1

10000 heli t3

7500 heli t4

200000 heli t5

15000 suv t5

37000 tank t5

9000 cannon t5

200000 heli t5

A lot of your defense unit, and a small mixture of your other 3 units

Certain bases can use this kind of march very well. But it requires you to have excellent df and health and an huge amount of Total Attack as your main units are most of your firepower

The 3rd and final march I will talk about today are rally marches. Primarily what needs to be sent to a rally march

There’s a couple ways to go about this so I’m going to start with what the person who sets the rally can send to ensure sturdy buffers are in place. Assuming that the rally setter has a maxed base, they should send cannons and buffer. In a 325K march there should be 170000 t4/t5 cannon, 125k t1 defense unit, paired with 10000 of each supporting unit t1 for a total of 30000 additional t1 of support units

The next step is what the supporters in the rally should send

For rally supporters, I recommend sending this march: T5 cannon 10K. T5 Heli 145K. T5 SUV 70K. T5 Tank 70K. T1 heli 35K

I HIGHLY recommend using all 5 of the preset march options that the game gave us

Preset 1: Euro style Solo

Preset 2: heli rally joining

Preset 3: tank rally joining

Preset 4 suv rally joining

Preset 5: rally leader buffer

This makes fighting 10X easier, efficient, and quick

Correct @SiR Scoty. The rally leader should send those units because cannons are almost always forgotten when everyone is rushing trying to join the rally. And in case people forget t1, the rally leader covered 3 people’s possible mistakes

The last part of rally marches that I need to cover is the overall troop count

So the average troop capacity of a based base’s rally is between 3M-3.2M but to make things easy I’m going to base my example off of 3M units

10k t1 tank

10k t1 suv

10k t1 cannon

360K t1 heli

1.1M T5 heli

300K T5 cannon

600K T5 SUV

600K T5 Tank

That is the total amount of units that should be in a heli rally

Based on 3M total units

That is total so that’s including what the rally leader sends and what rally supporters send

360k t1 heli and 10k each t1 gives nice buffer without taking away too much of your firepower. The 1.1M t5 heli makes it hard to take damage as long as you have good defense and health. And the 600K tank, 600k suv, and 300k cannon deal great even damage

An organized rally deals much more damage than a rally that is a bunch of different marches thrown together

The biggest mistakes people make with rallies is adding t3 and t4. It creates a lot of unnecessary losses. Another big mistake is people will only send heli or only tank, etc. and the ratio gets thrown way off kilter

If a team can work together and get on the same page with what to send to a rally, you will get wonderful results

The last thing I’m going to cover today is kind of unique

Only a couple people in the game use an asian style full rally. And it’s pretty monstrous for those who are able to use it

Essentially it’s just the asian style march I sent earlier scaled up to 9.5x size

In the tests I’ve done it has given me 80% of my normal losses and 109.3% of my normal damage. Which in a rally, 9.3% damage makes a big difference

Preset marches save a lot of time. You can teleport in and solo someone with a proper march in 2 seconds or less

For example:

I watched a base in PP unshield a couple times. So I waited watching until she dropped shield again and she was zeroed in less than 6 seconds

*The above content is only the player’s personal opinion and does not represent the official opinion.

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