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F҉ƛƬí廾ツ, a guest writer of Invasion. He has a wealth of game experience and have unique insights into game mechanics.

Hello friends.
As everyone knows, with the last server reset, many events and awards for the 6th anniversary celebrations have been added at the same time.
In this article; For awesome prizes, you should just check out the events. Also, if you feel lucky you will love some of the rewards

The Vanished Bain Coins;

A new base decoration has been added, as you can see it as a cover face
I hope you can get an…

About the Author

Zöe, a guest writer of Invasion. He has a wealth of game experience and have unique insights into game mechanics.

GvG is an event that comes up every week. It is a competition like ZvZ, but your guild is paired with two other guilds from different zones. Sometimes you are paired with just one other guild, but that is rare.

This competition carries on for about 14 weeks and is seasonal. (Annually)

Many players do not register for GvG. I assume the reason is because they do not fully understand what it is, or it’s benefits to…

About the Author

Bätman, a guest writer of Invasion. He has a wealth of game experience and have unique insights into game mechanics.

Commander Officers are as important for boosts as many other factors in the game and tactics that could make you be great in the battle.

First of all the first thing you want to do is to check all the Combat Officers and choose which type of boosts you would like to have and use.

You need to choose a specific defense unit for your Commander and not mix them with another unit for example…

You want…

About the Author

F҉ƛƬí廾ツ, a guest writer of Invasion. He has a wealth of game experience and have unique insights into game mechanics.

Hello friends.

Tesla laboratory has been added to our gaming life, so we know it helps in all areas.
Sometimes we can use it before starting research, sometimes just before starting the construction process, sometimes to produce troops or to record free speeds that everyone eagerly uses. …

With the official opening of the 6th anniversary event, Invasion is finally six years old. Because of everyone’s support, invasion has come to this day.

We are grateful for your every login, we are grateful for your gathering in map, we are grateful for your growth, we are grateful for each of your battles in game, we are grateful for your selfless feedback, we are grateful for people we quit this game and came back again.

***Zona, Lets Make a Duet Together!!!***

​Hello commanders,

It’s finally time for the last dish. On this special day, Invasion has prepared a huge 6th anniversary gift for you. Find the official Tik Tok account, choose to share and Duet. Just make the coolest and most interesting duet video in Tiktok, and you will have a chance to get exclusive access to 6 million diamonds for FREE. If there are multiple excellent works at the same time, we will select no more than 10 players and have these luckiest ones share 6 million diamonds together.

Contest Duration:

2021–02–26 to…

Hello commanders,
The 6th anniversary celebration is coming soon. Invasion will bring great benefits to everyone. The most eye-catching is the 6 million reward order. What kind of event is it? And how to get 6 million diamonds? We will synchronize the latest developments in real time with you through the internal and external platforms of the game, so stay tuned!

As the second dish of the anniversary celebration: “A New and Improved “Invite for Gift” is coming. Like everyone, I am also very concerned about several issues

What is an “Invite for Gift” event?

*Collect Anniversary Coins, Win Mystery Prize***

Get ready, players! Invasion is giving away huge rewards as a part of its upcoming anniversary celebration. The most anticipated is of course the 6-million-Diamonds-bounty. What is the event and how can you get the 6 million Diamonds? Don’t worry, we will keep you updated on the details and latest news both in the game and social media platforms. So stay tuned!

The first part of the anniversary celebration — “Collect Anniversary Coins, Win Mystery Prize” — has officially begun. Before the official exchange starts on March 1st, Invasion will randomly distribute a number…

Play With Prof-d: Click Me

Formation on your single march for attacking and defending your base is as important strategy as the rest tactics in the game and this is what we will talk about in this Guide.

The first thing you want to make sure before setting your formation is what type of unit is the strongest for defending your base and out of the base and what is the strongest unit for attacking on your base and also out of the base.

As soon as you make sure which is what, then you can start simply by putting…

Play With Prof-d: Click Me

After taking step by step everything, from commander officers, to the formation of the units, now the next important part for better combat results is the troop count, the right troop count with the right amount of troops that you have to put in your march plays a big role on making a difference in combat, either it’s attacking a base or camp battle with another person or rally someone’s base or even attacking monument and cities, you need the right amount of troops in your march to make the difference.

There are many different…

Invasion: Modern Empire

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